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TELE technology makes sure no electrical or mechanical equipment is caused by faulty power supplies or wrongly wired control panels. With our single-phase or three-phase monitoring relays, we measure and monitor voltages up to 800V AC and 1000V DC directly. Good and reliable protective equipment doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. Due to our highly automated production in Vienna, Austria we offer unparalleled technology, quality, and reliability at an affordable price.

Power Surges or Voltage Drop Problems?

When it comes to protecting your applications, it is essential to keep track and monitor your Under and Overvoltage in your equipment. The last thing you need is an expensive motor replacement when you could have avoided that from happening with the proper relay solutions.

We collaborated with our GOLD Distributing partner, AIM Dynamics, to explain how our E1UM230V01 single-phase voltage monitor will make sure your pricey PLCs or other industrial equipment doesn’t get damaged.

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