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Great People Create Great Technology

Your Smart Factory for the technology of the future

Your smart factory

We use what we’re best at – innovative technology – to make the world a better place. But as “smart implementers” we are not necessarily the “inventors.” By collaborating with customers, partners, and innovators, we turn sustainable ideas into practical solutions.

For us, our “Smart Factory” is a playground where we can take action in accordance with our values and create new things together.

So what exactly is the Smart Factory?

Tele is a technology company. At Tele, we employ extensive technical know-how and people who enjoy their work to develop control and monitoring solutions for the industrial and energy sector.

Technology can make the world a better place. That’s why Tele never stops looking for new ideas. We expand our own know-how by collaborating with others. We develop new products and solutions. For renewable energy. More efficient waste disposal. For the world of tomorrow.

Your Smart Factory
Portrait Christoph Haase
Sustainability + Innovation = Profitability
Here at TELE, we live according to this basic formula. Our organization succeeds when all three of these elements are fulfilled.
Christoph Haase TELE Managing Director

How does Tele do this?

Innovation at the Smart Factory occurs through the interaction of four basic principles that are encouraged and promoted: beauty, curiosity, competence, and initiative.


Here at Tele, we love beautiful things. Beauty is important. It has a positive effect on us and others. That is why we make it a part of our company. In every area. In every product. In every mind. Aesthetics, design, and order: beauty is all-encompassing and everywhere. Inside and outside.


Children are curious. Here at Tele, we encourage the childlike desire for discovery. We bring it back to life with love. We cultivate an interest in trends and developments, even those outside of our industries, and feel excitement for the unknown. The discovery of new things feeds our imagination. That is why we love experiments so much. We perceive Tele as a real-time laboratory for best practices of the future.


Ideas are important. And we have plenty of them. But without the necessary skills, we would be unable to execute them successfully. Here at Tele, we regularly ask ourselves which competencies we need in order to explore new avenues of potential. And then we work to expand the associated technical, methodological, or social competencies. We are not satisfied until we are among the best at everything we do. Every single one of us.


Sustainability is not a side project, but instead a core value of our company. Sustainability can be defined in many ways, but at Tele it has four fundamental components. We encourage responsibility, cooperation, esteem, and fun. And we demand it as well.

Future needs sustainability

Sustainability = Common sense.

So at TELE it is not a question of “whether,” but instead one of “how much” we can contribute to sustainable development. Tele assumes a pioneering role in this effort. Sustainability is not a side project, but instead a core value of our company. Sustainability can be defined in many ways, but at Tele we have internalized four basic components: responsibility, cooperation, esteem, and fun.


Each individual bears responsibility. For themselves, their tasks within the company, and their role in society. TELE and all of its employees readily accept more responsibility than legally or ethically required.


TELE and everyone who works at TELE actively seek cooperation with others, both internally and externally, in order to be “better together.” In a networked world, strategic partnerships are essential for the development of the company.


Employees of TELE acknowledge and value their colleagues, suppliers, and partners. They do it personally and directly, with a smile, with friendly words, and their own actions.


Whenever possible, TELE seeks to add fun to daily routines. Fun loosens up work tasks and furthers the team spirit. Laughing is desired. Silliness is permitted.

Challenge us!

  • Do you have a technical challenge? Have you been unable to find a suitable solution at the right scale?
  • TELE is your competent partner and will support you with know-how, technology, or resources
  • Let’s talk about it. We look forward to hearing from you!
Challenge us!
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