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The TELE way – open from now on

No more secrets. We are making our entire company transparent.

Learn from our mistakes

TELE is known for its open and radical method of rethinking company organisation. To try. To live. Want to know how we fare? First, we did away with hierarchies. Then we got caught up in the chaos of restructuring and had to refocus. But now we are doing really well with our TELE-New-Way. Which is why we thought it might be of interest to other companies. Anyone can now look over our shoulder and see how we are developing further. Online and offline, whichever you prefer. Browse through our blog or pay us a visit and learn about the crazy personalities behind the scenes. In any case, you will be able to witness how we are constantly evolving into a company of the future. Follow our transformation and learn from our mistakes. And if you would like, connect with TELE Cosmos, dive in and participate.

Join us

Are you curious about our finances? Or would you like to know what our employees do outside of their jobs at TELE? Why is fun such an important part of our work? What projects do we have on the back burner? We are happy to share the answers, since we tend to learn so much through exchange. Your input and invigorating discussions about company limitations and more are just pieces of the puzzle that make up our journey at TELE. And beauty is important to us. Because it inspires people. And it inspires us in turn, especially when we see you benefiting from our wild company history. Join the TELE Cosmos!

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