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TELE wins XING New Work Award

3rd place at prestigious award for pioneering work in German-speaking region

On 30 March 2017, XING awarded the New Work Award to the Viennese industrial company TELE Haase as one in three established Companies category in Berlin. For the fourth time, the network awarded prizes to outstanding companies which are role models for the future and are already leaving a mark in the multi-layered transformation of the working world.

From around 200 applications, the jury of leading minds from society, business and research selected the best pioneering ways in terms of “New Work” to organize work.

 „Over the last five years, we have deconstructed the traditional company TELE Haase piece by piece and, together with all employees, have built up a completely new company structure in which we democratically decide to communicate and cooperate with others in a completely open manner. It is wonderful that our unconventional ideas inspire so many other people and awarded the third place here. This further inspires us very much, and we are already planning the next steps on our way to becoming the company of the future.

Markus Stelzmann, TELE-Regisseur

Company as intelligent organism

TELE wins the XING Award for developing and implementing a completely new company structure. At its location in Vienna, the “SmartFactory”, with its 90 employees, develops and produces intelligent technology solutions. Rigid structures would only be a hindrance. Therefore, the company has abolished its hierarchies. Each and every one is responsible for his or her own projects. Decisions are taken by the company of the next generation in a team – the work is done in processes that, if necessary, involve cooperation. This creates an intelligent organism that is constantly changing and can react flexibly to the new requirements of a rapidly changing society.

Simply Open

The TELE ideas blossom in dialogue with others. This is why the motto “Simply Open” and open networking are at the top of the agenda throughout the company. If you want to get to know the company and see what we do first-hand, you can come to one of the “TELE-Tea-Time” events. Start-ups and educational institutions dock via the TELE Cosmos, and some of them are currently at the new TELE “Factory Hub Vienna”. And because more and more people want to know how TELE is shaping the transformation process, workshops are regularly held at the “Simply Open School”.

Fantastic event

For 2017, the XING New Work Award was presented for the first time as part of an all-day event. The setting was “New Work Experience 2017”, held on 30 March in the Westhafen Event & Convention Centre in Berlin. Among the speakers at the largest event thus far for new work, with around 700 participants, were Thomas Sattelberger, international TED speakers such as Federico Pistono (“Robots will steal your job, but that’s OK”), TV star Ralf Dümmel (“Die Höhle der Löwen/The Lion’s Den”) and former football coach and present-day supermarket owner Holger Stanislawski. The New Work Experience is aimed at those who are personally or professionally interested in the changing world of work.

More about the event

Video about TELE New Work Award

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