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TELE is committed to social sustainability

Instead of giving its customers Christmas gifts, TELE supports students at the HTL Pinkafeld technical secondary school with their aid project in Africa.

Aid projects in Africa and Austria create long-term benefits

Instead of giving its customers Christmas gifts, TELE supports students at the HTL Pinkafeld technical secondary school with their aid project “Clean Drinking Water and Sanitation Facilities for Lycée de Lomé-Port” in Togo, Africa. We not only supply the monitoring technology for the water pumps, but also give a donation and provide know-how and services.

The goal of the project is to permanently improve the abysmal situation with regard to drinking water and sanitation at the African school and to enable the roughly 3,000 children who attend the school to receive an education in a healthy environment. TELE also makes a difference in Austria: The company’s apprentices take part in the Active Social Day at Caritas’s St. Klemens retirement home. By supporting HTL Pinkafeld’s African aid project and Active Social Day, we create effective and, more importantly, lasting benefits. The topic of sustainability is extremely important to us and is a central component of our corporate philosophy.

Additional information about these two projects can be found in our press release: Social projects

Soziale Projekte

Sustainable assistance

Three students from the Structural Engineering and Building Technology department of HTL Pinkafeld are developing the aid project as part of their thesis papers together with a team of three teachers. “Contact was established with the Lycée through the vice-rector of the school in Togo,” explained Ulrich Spener from HTL Pinkafeld.

In the first step, the students are planning the renovation of the old well, which will be equipped with a modern, maintenance-free pumping and disinfection system as well as control and monitoring technology from TELE. In addition, the student group is designing a WC building with 16 low-maintenance, waterless toilets as well as a sanitation building equipped with six showers and 16 water taps. Finally, the students are also planning all of the technical building systems, including a water treatment system, pipes, pumps, solar collectors and the waste water disposal system, as well as an energy supply concept that uses sustainable solar power.

The implementation of the aid project is scheduled to start in the summer of 2013. “We will support the project and thus the education of young people on a long-term basis,” said Christoph Haase.


Active Social Day for apprentices

The Active Social Day organised by TELE also focuses on sustainability, social responsibility and environmental awareness. As the first activity in this project, three of the company’s apprentices helped with the preparations for the Christmas market at Caritas Vienna’s St. Klemens retirement home. “The apprentices and the seniors who live at the retirement home came away from the day with many positive and memorable experiences. Therefore, we will continue the project with regular activities, and our next step will be to help needy children,” said Eva Stöger, head of the apprenticeship programme at TELE, describing the objective of the project.

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