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TELE protects smartflower

Grid and system protection from TELE ensures safe feed of solar power from the smartflower to the public grid

Smartflower blossoms under the protection of TELE

TELE grid and system protection monitors the safe grid feed of smart-generated solar energy


Simple, compact, functional, and as pretty as a flower – the all-in-one smartflower solar system not only looks really cool, but it is also technically extremely well thought out. Its “flowerhead” follows the sun and generates approx. 4,000 kWh per year – the average electricity demand of a household in Central Europe. The smartflower is equipped with integrated grid and system protection from TELE for feeding solar power into the public grid. The grid and system protection continuously checks the grid quality. If the voltage or frequency in the public grid rises or falls beyond permissible limits, the small power station is immediately decoupled. In this way, unintentional islanded operation is prevented, thereby preventing a dangerous situation for maintenance personnel.

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Intelligent and elegant power generation

The colorful solar power flower from smartflower is an absolute eye-catcher. With plug & play, it is easy to install in your own garden and just as easy to disassemble and transport. In operation, the system generates up to 40 percent more energy than comparable PV systems. To achieve this, the smartflower POP rotates its head and follows the course of the sun fully automatically. In the case of strong wind or darkness, it automatically closes its pedals and cleans itself in the process. The smartflower is also available with an optional built-in battery pack for storing solar energy or as a ready-to-use solar e-fueling station.

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"The grid and system protection from TELE satisfies various national standards. This important when companies like us export their systems worldwide. All relevant parameters for the TELE grid and system protection can be flexibly set directly in the field via Open Setup. We can individually adapt standard parameter setups."

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