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TELE on the way to energy self-sufficiency

TELE is expanding its own PV system and tendering an Industry Meets Makers project

Pioneer in photovoltaics

The TELE-Haase headquarters in Vienna 23 is not only a manufacturing company for control and monitoring technology, but also a small power plant for renewable energy. As early as 2011, the company installed the largest photovoltaic system in Vienna at the time on the roof of the company building. With more than 500 square meters of collector area on over 300 solar modules, the 72 kWp photovoltaic system already generates about 90.000 kWh per year and thus covers both the electricity requirement of the air conditioning system and part of the energy for production.
TELE is now expanding the photovoltaic area by 61 kWp and has put out tenders as part of the Industry Meet Makers Program (IMM) in order to find new technologies with which the self-produced electricity can be optimally used. The goal for the future is to be able to operate the 3,500 square meter TELE company building as energy self-sufficiently as possible.


Task and perspectives

TELE is looking for ideas and concepts in order to be able to optimally use the self-produced electricity of the newly designed PV system by means of new technologies and optimized processes. On the one hand, it is about reducing unnecessary energy consumption in the house and, on the other hand, using the generated energy efficiently. The long-term goal is the energy self-sufficiency of the TELE company building. In return, TELE provides the makers with resources from the entire company and its products. In this Industry Meets Makers project, overall concepts for the entire TELE building as well as optimization suggestions for individual machines, products or selected areas can be submitted. The ideas can include hardware, software, or both, and may change TELE’s processes in the long term.

To this end, TELE not only supports the young innovators with expert know-how throughout the program. For the duration of the challenge, the participating makers have a workplace at the in-house Factory Hub Vienna. If required, TELE organizes workshops and meetings and enables direct access to production and the photovoltaic system. Ideally, the project will result in new technologies and long-term collaborations.

More about IMM programme

The PV system on the roof at TELE will be expanded

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