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TELE receives EAC approval.

Eurasian compliance for TELE products

Since March of 2015, EAC certification in accordance with Eurasian conformity is essential for importing and approving products in the Eurasian Customs Union. Any products imported into Russia, Belarus, or Kazakhstan must have the new EAC certificates/declarations. The certificates also provide authorization to use the products in these countries. TELE has completed the compliance process and fulfills the mandated technical requirements for EAC certification.

EAC approval more extensive than GOST

In contrast to the CE designation, the EAC mark cannot be issued through self-certification or -declaration. An authorized certification body is always involved. As a result, the procedure for obtaining certification always requires much greater effort. Much more technical information and details about the product must be provided. Certification is performed using the new technical regulations and the Russian machinery directive.

EAC is the acronym for Eurasian Conformity. It is applied to products ready for the open market and is used in a way similar to the European CE mark. Certification confirms to the manufacturer or vendor that the machine or product has been subjected to all necessary compliance procedures in one of the member states of the Eurasian Customs Union and complies with all mandated requirements.

The EAC mark must:

  • be applied to the product unit, packaging, or accompanying documentation,
  • be easily visible and readable,
  • be depicted in a single color,
  • contrast with the background color,
  • be permanently applied and
  • be at least 5 mm in size
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