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TELE expands photovoltaic system

Double capacity for more clean energy and optimization on consumption profiles

Solar energy for a third of building energy

TELE Haase has been generating energy for the company’s operation with its in-house photovoltaic system since 2011. At that time, the company installed what was then Vienna’s largest photovoltaic system on the roof of the company building. The more than 300 solar modules of the 72 kWp system with more than 500 square meters of module area deliver around 90,000 kWh per year. TELE is now doubling its photovoltaic capacities and expanding the system by a total of 62.4 kWp with modules on the facade of the company building. At the same time, a new air conditioning system for electronics production will be installed, which is to be fully supplied with solar power in the future. Overall, the share of solar energy for the entire building is increased from 23% to 30%.

TELE PV neu Suedseite

Plant from domestic production

TELE plans and implements the new PV system, which is expected to go into operation in July 2020, together with the Austrian solar specialist 3FSolar, who is not least known for its hybrid collectors. As far as possible, the system will be realized with products from local companies. 3FSolar uses conventional solar modules from the Austrian manufacturer Kioto and inverters from Fronius. The air conditioning system is installed by Hille Gebäudetechnik from Vienna. In addition, the solar specialist works closely with the builder of the building, the hall builder Peneder from Upper Austria, who ensures that the modules are attached vertically to the house facade and anchored accordingly. In this way, 326 m2 of a total of 1,650 m2 of building facade will be used for the generation of solar energy.

TELE-Photovoltaik-Westansicht_von Norden

PV system adapted to consumers

When planning the system, 3FSolar ensures that the performance of the 192 new solar modules is adapted as exactly as possible to the consumption profile of the air conditioning system for which they will be supplying solar energy in the future. Since most of the energy is used for the air conditioning in the morning, because at this time the electronics production is in full swing, the collector area on the east side is about 2/3 of the total area, larger than the area on the south side (about 1/5) and the west side (about 1/7). In this way, production profiles and consumption profiles can be reconciled and there is as little overproduction as possible.

Optimize consumption profiles with TELE-SensAct

So that the photovoltaic system and air conditioning system can be better coordinated in the future, it is planned to measure and control the energy consumption of large consumers, such as the air conditioning system, or certain areas in the house with the communicable TELE SensAct modules. In this way, consumer profiles can be created and optimized to avoid peak performance. Here, for example, it is conceivable that the autonomously operating TELE robot is used at certain times when less is used in other areas.
With the expansion of the PV system, TELE is taking the next step towards more resource conservation and sustainability – on the way to a better world.

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