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TELE at Forum Alpbach

Markus Stelzmann engages in international dialog as an equal

Room for cooperation and conflict

Visions for a future-oriented, democratic society – thinking on a big scale at the European Forum Alpbach. The event in the Tyrolean mountains has been attracting international representatives from all over the world since 1945 and enables enthusiastic people of all ages to discuss issues with opinion-makers from the worlds of science, politics, business, and culture. This year, TELE was also a part of this important interdisciplinary platform.

TELE director Markus Stelzmann, together with Jan Krims, (Deloitte Austria), Maria Baumgartner (Speedinvest Heroes Consulting), Markus Kaiser (Federal Computing Centre), and Karin Kschwendt (T-Mobile) held a podium discussion with the title “Leadership in complex times as a balancing act between conflict and cooperation.”

“We need conflicts, because without conflict there is no change,” argues Markus Stelzmann. For this purpose, however, employees must be able to state their opinion without fear of repercussion. Because, if conflicts do not come to the fore, a pseudo-world develops, which gradually makes an organization ineffective. “New organizational forms can create room for cooperation and conflicts,” says Stelzmann.

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