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TELE at Intersolar North America 2015

TELE impressed potential American partners with its solutions in the area of "grid stability" at the Intersolar North America Austrian Chamber of Commerce foreign trade booth.

TELE WKO Aussenwirtschaft

The largest solar meet-up in the USA – Intersolar North America 2015 – took place from July 14 through 17 in San Francisco. In addition to S.O.L.I.D., a Styrian company that installed the world’s largest solar cooling and process heat plant in the state of Arizona and the Carinthian company GreenOneTec, manufacturer of thermal solar collectors, TELE demonstrated innovative solutions at the Austria Vision Booth of the Austrian foreign trade office that help to monitor power grids and improve the management of costly grid failures.

Grid and system protection

Large-scale failures of power grids in Europa and the USA in recent years have drawn attention to the stability of electricity grids. TELE is a solutions partner for all issues related to grid stability, peak load management, and automated handling of “rolling blackouts.” To prevent the enormous costs associated with grid failures, protection systems that help prevent power outages are needed on the one hand. On the other hand, monitoring solutions can ensure that rolling blackouts can be controlled according to emergency plans defined in advance, automated and, therefore, can be safely handled so that downstream systems are not damaged. TELE has worked with customers and system partners to develop producer- and consumer-based solutions with grid and system protection, devices for automated consumer separation/control, peak load management and brown-out detectors.

Interesting visitors at the booth

The Austrian Chamber of Commerce foreign trade booth at Intersolar North America 2015 was well-attended, and the solutions presented by TELE received a great deal of interest from industry contacts, such as the Toshiba product management team, California system integrator Adroit, Cellstrom/Gildemeister, and RS Components. It’s no wonder, since by 2020, 30% of California’s energy consumption must come from renewable energies and yet there are still problems with energy storage and power grid destabilization. Many South American countries, such as Chile, Mexico, Columbia, Peru, and Honduras are following the USA’s lead and entering the photovoltaics market. Therefore, we can expect more developments and TELE will be at the very forefront with its system solutions.

MORE on the topic of grid stability (read the white paper)

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