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Vörös-Mélykuti Maria

Maria Vörös-Mélykuti


In the beginning of 2014 the moon Maria reached the TELE solar system. I immediately committed myself to the company's world of figures, and my enthusiasm for it continues today. Should, have, EBITDA or DB invoice - I like everything that has to do with numbers, data and wants to be analyzed. My vocation is to make colleagues in other processes familiar with the company figures so that they are not just understood by financial professionals.

As a responsible person for our production staff, I also have the necessary change and balance in my own job.

In the spare time, I am able to collect miles, be it on car rides, jogging, hiking or skiing – with all these things, I can safely switch off and recharge my batteries. And if it were around me somewhere quiet, a Sudoku booklet is always ready to hand.

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