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Markus Stelzmann

processresponsibility: "Marketing"

Bin für gute Laune verantwortlich und achte darauf, dass die Regeln eingehalten werden
Ich habe alles, was ein guter Kindergärtner eben so braucht

Markus Stelzmann

Regie – processresponsibility

I am a lobbyist for themes, fairy tales, kindergarten teachers, grief boxes and maybe a kind of mentor. By the way, in my role as a director in the support process, I am allowed to sign balance sheets and, among other things, to speak with banks. Somehow I am for everything after "outside", which still needs a "managing director", the necessary opposite.

What I do in my spare time

Keep a permanent diet, try to play golf, ride a motorcycle, meet friends and travel to Asia with my wife.

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