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Bettina Putz

Bettina Putz

Sales – Direct Sales

In the course of her training as an industrial saleswoman at TELE, Bettina became "TELEfiziert" in 1990 and has been working together with TELE for over 25 years. After tasks in product management and marketing and her babypause, she moved into the purchasing department and finally into the sales department. Since 2008, she has been serving customers, informing about new products and representing TELE with commitment to the outside world.

Since the environment is very dear to her heart, she is particularly involved in the sector management “Water and Waste”. She is open to new innovations and likes to tell you how TELE ticks. Future trends and the new work is one of their interests. She also takes over responsibility for sub-processes.

Darüber hinaus ist Bettina liebende Mami, genießt das Leben und erholt sich gerne im Burgenland, wo Ihre Wurzeln sind. Yoga, walken und Fahrrad fahren gehört zu Ihren Hobbies.


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