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Michaela Pichler

Michaela Pichler

Human Resources – Human Resource

I feel I have been called upon by TELE to drive entrepreneurial personal tasks and to contribute to a sustainable culture. It is important for me to create the community planning and organization of personnel use, procurement, costs, development, as well as a fair remuneration system.

The most important contribution is to support the process and personnel managers with all information, knowledge, tools, etc., to manifest the company culture and thus TELE, to make all employees even more interesting. The majority will confirm that I am an ambitious person, which sometimes does not facilitate the cooperation. I also like challenges such as the dilemma and / or solutions for digitization, flexibility, agility and a limited right that the development in the direction of trends neglects. Life is not a straight path, but it is nice to have a goal and make the decision!

Mein Fels in der Brandung ist meine Familie, mein zu Hause und die richtigen Freunde.

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