Switching Relays

TELE switching relays switch and control precisely and reliably. Discover high-quality relays for industrial applications.

TELE Switching Relays

TELE switching relays contribute to more safety – to more reliability – and to more efficiency and sustainability.
They are used wherever reliable and precise switching is important.

Series RA, RM

Switching Relays - Miniature Relays

Contact multiplication in the smallest space: With their compact cube-shaped housing, these relays are probably the best-known components in electrical engineering. Equipped with up to four contacts, they also enable (lockable) manual operation and are easy to read.

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Series RT

Switching Relays - Industrial Relays

Control relays for rough environments – The RT series industrial relays offer proven, robust relay technology. The distinctive 11-pole plug-in base features the possibility of controlling 3 changeover contacts of 10A each. Manual override, integrated light-emitting diodes or free-wheeling diodes for DC voltage types provide additional convenience.

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Series RP

Electronic Relays for Isolation (PCB Power Relays)

With a suitable base for top-hat rail mounting, PCB relays are popular in industrial switchgear. They are very compact and offer 2 changeover contacts with 8A switching capacity each. Plug-in modules for protective circuitry or indicator lights complete the range.

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Series SKR

Slim Interface Relays SKR

SKR slim interface relays with high packing density: If you need to decouple many inputs or outputs, SKR narrow-type relays with a width of only 6.2mm are a particularly space-saving solution. An indicator light informs about the switching status of the changeover contact. Jumpers are available as accessories to simplify wiring.

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Series STKR

Slim Interface Relays STKR

With a width of only 6.2 mm, narrow-type relays  of the STKR series are an equally space-saving solution for coupling many inputs and outputs. What makes the STKR version special, is that it allows the relays to be replaced quickly and easily by simply replugging them, thus saving wiring effort and materials.


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In less than 10 minutes our Sales Key Accountant Stephanie explains what one should know about switching relays and talks i.a. about features, types, applications of those small, compact and indispensable components.

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