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TELE is dreaming – Simply Open

From a company that didn't want to keep secrets anymore
TELE Simply Open

Openness is the goal

Do you have a moment? Then immerse yourself live into the history of the mid-sized Viennese company TELE. See how we work here in our Smart Factory – having fun together, making mistakes, learning, and progressing. Why are we telling you all of this?

We have a dream: It is the dream of people working independently and collaboratively without restrictions – beyond the boundaries of our company as part of a limitless network of specialists for every idea, every goal, and every solution. Why do we want this? We believe that only together are we able to change the world little by little and contribute significantly as a small player in a global community. Much as the other players can contribute so many exciting things in turn that help us further our own ideas.

Being open without compromise and inviting everyone to connect to the TELE Universe brings us one step closer to achieving our dream – which is why TELE is “Simply Open” moving forward.

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