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Cooperationen with startups

The "Smart Factory" develops clever new technologies. When there is something that we do not yet know ourselves, we learn through cooperation with others. That is why we seek out and promote young innovators in exciting projects and give them access to know-how and resources.

Stronger together

A modern industrial company is only successful when it constantly rethinks technology and the structures behind it and if it is well connected for the development of smarter solutions. So how do we do that? We cooperate with ambitious startups.

twingz - Intelligent Energy Management

TELE has brought the twingz start-up company on-board, which develops solutions for intelligent energy management such as their eButler product. eButler helps households reduce their energy costs by up to 40%. The intelligent twingz software uses hardware from TELE. In addition, twingz is located and manufacturers at the TELE site. As a result, this startup company benefits from the competencies, technologies, and opportunities of the technological leader and can try out new working methods and organizational models, as well as refine its product and business model.

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Freygeist - Ultra-Light e-Bike with Control Technology from TELE

Freygeist has developed a premium-e-Bike that is not only beautiful, fast, agile, and maneuverable, but is also very cool with its elegant design. TELE gives this start-up access to its corporate infrastructure and technological know-how for its development efforts. Because in order to avoid altering its design, the drive unit of the Freygeist bike must be completely invisible. TELE solves this tricky problem with an internally developed control module, which can be built directly into the frame of the e-Bike. An integrated display with Bluetooth interface ensures simple operation and even makes the connection of a smartphone possible.

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Agrilution - Urban farming for the pantry

Vertical farming is a form of agriculture that takes place in densely populated urban centers, making it an important topic for the smart city of the future. With its Plant Cube, Agrilution has developed a network plug-and-play miniature organic greenhouse with optimized climate control and integrated watering. TELE is contributing to this project the development of a software-supported control module. Once programmed, the controller ensures that the plants in the cube receive everything they need, i.e., water, light, and nutrients, giving them optimal conditions for growth around-the-clock.

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Challenge us!

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