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Standardised performance descriptions

Now available for TELE products in the Austrian Industrial Standard – with download here on the website.

At a glance

TELE is now part of the Austrian Industrial Standard – the online collection of standardised tender texts in accordance with ÖNORM A2063 and provided by manufacturers and suppliers for planners, architects, tendering bodies and contractors. Standardised performance descriptions for Building Technology, Lighting as well as Transport and Infrastructure can now be downloaded for TELE products and services. TELE is even the first provider to appear in the new Traffic and Infrastructure list.

More on the building data information

Advantages of applying ÖNORM A2063

As a standard, ÖNORM A2063 regulates the structure of data files that are exchanged with the assistance of automation between all parties involved in the tendering, awarding and accounting (AVA) phases.

Advantages for the preparation of tender texts:

  • ÖNORM-compliant texts can be exported at the click of a mouse as ONLV data carriers and imported into ÖNORM A2063-compatible software.
  • ÖNORM-compliant texts are technically compatible with the data of the standardised performance descriptions of the BMWFW (Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy).
  • ÖNORM-compliant texts correspond to the structures or arrangement of the standardised performance description.
  • The data are automatically checked by schematic files.

Practical at the planning stage

A performance description is primarily needed for tender documents. It is the specification of a service to be rendered in a project and is generally used in building and plant construction as well as in other types of project. This ensures that offers can be compared with minimal effort. The Austrian Industrial Standard is currently used by 180 manufacturers to publish their tender texts and product descriptions.

Download performance descriptions

In addition to the ONLV data carrier, the data can also be downloaded here.

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