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Softstarter – a smooth start for electric motors

Stepless power metering for asynchronous motors.

Accelerate machines gently

With the MS3, TELE now has a new softstart device for continuous power metering of asynchronous motors in its product range.

At a glance

The softstarter, based on thyristors, limits the start-up current and the starting torque in the start-up phase and delivers to the motor exactly the amount of energy needed to start the machine. So a virtually shock-free start is possible. In this way, both mechanical loads as well as nominal voltage dips can be reliably prevented. The new soft starter from TELE is designed to save space and ensure long-term stability through its fanless design.

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The new soft starter from TELE reduces motor voltage via phase angle control of the thyristors. Within a desired time frame the device provides a desired starting torque and a maximum load current and increases the voltage from a set starting voltage up to the nominal voltage. The motor adjusts to the load behavior of the machine through continuous control of the voltage supply. The machine accelerates especially gently, which increases the lifetime of the components and extends the maintenance intervals. Once the start-up phase is complete, the electronics of the MS3 soft starter briefly connect with internal bridging contactors and the device automatically goes into standby mode.

Added value

Stepless power metering

  • Virtually impact-free starting
  • Energy efficiency
  • Avoidance of mechanical loads and mains voltage dips
  • Space-saving narrow and robust design type
  • Low losses in operating and standby modes
  • Flexible but straightforward parameter adjustment without measurement unit


  • Mechanical and plant engineering
  • Climate and ventilation systems
  • Pump applications
  • Industrial and conveyor technology
Portrait Christian Kunst
"With the high overload capacity and genuine 3-phase control, the MS3 soft starter is also well suited for heavy-starter machines. State-of-the-art electronics keeps the power loss of the device extremely low both in continuous operation as well as in standby,"
Christian Kunst Power electronics experts


Christian Kunst
Christian Kunst Innovation

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