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What we learn every day

Turning an organization upside down and thinking it over again is not always easy. It does not work out right away. We try things out, reject what is not working, often have great insights, always make mistakes, always re-orientate ourselves. Read here what we have already learned.

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Apr 2017

TELE wins XING New Work Award

XING hat am 30. März 2017 in Berlin das Wiener Industrieunternehmen TELE Haase als eines von drei etablierten Unternehmen mit dem New Work Award ausgezeichnet.
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Feb 2017

Design the “Smart Electronic Factory of the Future” with us

TELE Haase, ABB, COPA-DATA and IKARUS Security Software would like to develop a concept for the "Electronic Factory of the Future" together with the maker…
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Fill level measurement – what you need to know

Guest post by Christian Halper – medon Fill level measurement – what you need to know The methods for level monitoring at a glance Fill level measuring…
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Jan 2017

Freygeist is insolvent – what we have to learn from it

The TELE partner startup Freygeist is bankrupt. What we have to learn from it. Despite retailer pre-orders for designer e-bikes in the three-digit range for…
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Nov 2016

When the party is over

What to do when not everyone in the company of the future is courageous enough to face change? What does an organisation do when things become dicey?
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Oct 2016

Area of tension and the “playing field”

Flexible organisation versus traditional production? Area of tension and the „playing field“ Here at TELE – in the company of the future – every…
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About sweat stains and skid marks

How “simply open” makes us “simply scared” About sweat stains and skid marks Admittedly: we thought „simply open“ was going…
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Sep 2016

Ripe for change?

A comprehensive change process represents different challenges for each company and achieves different results. However, there are a few basic principles that…
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The production process as a “playing field”

TELE production innovation laboratory in Vienna Der Produktionsprozess als „Spielraum“ Know-how and resources local Many companies have already…
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Aug 2016

Does a new organisation need other employees?

How should people who adapt well to an organisational form without hierarchies and contribute to the success of the company actually be incorporated?
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Headwind can be stubborn

Organisational development is not for weaklings Headwind can be stubborn The process of restructuring the TELE organisation has been ongoing for years. Enough…
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The problem with personal responsibility

A mantra of the TELE organisation, which we are constantly repeating, nearly ritualistically: everyone in the company can and should take personal…
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Jun 2016

The TELE way – open from now on

No more secrets. We are making our entire company transparent. Look over our shoulder and be part of our development.
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May 2016

TELE is dreaming – Simply Open

We have a dream: It is the dream of people working independently and collaboratively without restrictions - beyond the boundaries of our company as part of a…
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FH Krems and TELE are research partners

Within the scope of COIN (COIN – CSR and Innovation), Prof. Dr. Reinhard Altenburger and DI Roman Mesicek from FH Krems will be working with TELE on a…
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Feb 2016

TELE in the film “Augenhöhewege”

German film about new work cultures with TELE depicts new corporate organizational strategies and is financed with crowdfunding.
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TELE in Trend magazine

Business magazine Trend published an interview with Christoph Haase in its 1/29/2016 edition. TELE, the “company of the future” has captured the attention…
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TELE in XING New Workbook

The brand new XING New Work Book is about companies that embark on new organizational paths and this time it includes an article about TELE. Read here why our…
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Sep 2015

TELE in business magazine FORMAT

The business magazine FORMAT is very interested in new models for organizations. Therefore they asked TELE for an appointment for an interview. Of course we…
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TELE in the business paper Wirtschaftsblatt

The democratic organization of TELE aroused interest of the most important Austrian business newspaper Wirtschaftsblatt.
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