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“The Open Way”

Open Seminar
“The Open Way”

From a company that has abolished its bosses

Open Seminar "The Open Way"

In this open one-day seminar, you will learn how the self-organised TELE processes are designed, how we make democratic decisions and which digital technologies support us. Find out that technology and absolute transparency do not have to be a contradiction and ask us about what we have learned in recent years – Simply Open.

We have eliminated our boss

How does that work? At Tele, everyone assumes responsibility, speaks his or her voice and initiates projects. To prevent chaos, we use clear structures, departments and committees. You will learn how democratic decision-making works in practice and why a “boss” is still needed here and there.

Seminar overview:

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Leadership & Management – The Tele Haase Model

What is behind the TELE philosophy?

Here you can find out all about the principles and the leadership philosophy at TELE Haase and what you can adopt within your organisation. We deal with exciting issues such as: What does the boss do all day when they no longer have a say in matters? Why responsibility can sometimes be frightening. And why a company does not necessarily need a boss, but does need a lot of leadership personalities.

Collaborative Workspace – Collaboration in a Digital World

TELE Haase makes all information transparent and works with various software tools to facilitate optimal and innovative collaboration.

We show in this module how all employees get the right information at the right time, which methods and structures are required for an exchange and with which tools cooperation can be supported.

Optimising and Innovating

Innovating in a digital world not only works differently, but also requires a new direction. It is as much about freedom as about systems and data-driven insights.

Here you will learn which basic principles lie behind the new way of innovating and how you can use the experiences within your organisation for ongoing optimisation of the current business operations in terms of innovation.

And your own way?

What are the potentials of your company and where could these aspects carry your company?

We reflect with you on what is relevant to your company from the lecture and how you can apply it in concrete terms.

Ready to take off?

Does this sound interesting to you? To spend a day with like-minded people and take away plenty of practical input for an innovative and exciting new future? Then you should register for this exciting seminar with Markus Heingärtner, Richard Hübner and Markus Stelzmann.

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Markus Heingärtner
Markus Heingärtner

Do you still have questions about the one-day seminar?

I will be glad to answer all of your questions personally. Just send me an email or call me. I'm looking forward to getting to know you soon.
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