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Simply Open

From a company that didn't want
to keep secrets anymore

Openness creates trust

We’re opening up. And starting now, we are sharing all of our processes, our visions and our activities with anyone who is interested. Inward and outward. Since we have instituted this policy, many exciting companies have paid us a visit. Numerous collaborations create new visions and projects. Here you can see what has already happened.


We get a lot of visitors and like to share exciting ideas. See here how Companies and organizations, educational institutions, media and startups work together at TELE.


Where do your ideas come from?

We are open and invite technology experts from a variety of industries to visit us. This is how we learn about so many topics. We also learn something new every day cooperating with our startups. Our employees are also constantly visiting interesting events. Whether as a presenter or audience member. We love to chat and learn about technology trends in the context of discussions and open dialog. Would you like to know where to find us in the near future? Go here to discover where you can meet TELE.

Can I visit TELE?

If you would like to know how we work, what we do all day and experience new projects first-hand, then certainly pay us a visit and introduce yourself and your company. In exchange, we will take you on a tour of our production and chat with you about our organization without hierarchies. Are you curious? Then call us or send us an e-mail to make an appointment.

Why are you so open?

It is the dream of people working independently and collaboratively without restrictions – beyond the boundaries of our company as part of a limitless network of specialists for every idea, every goal and every solution. We believe that only together are we able to change the world little by little and contribute significantly as a small player in a global community. Which is why we are opening up and becoming “simply open.”

And starting now, we are sharing all of our processes, our visions and our activities with anyone who is interested. Inward and outward. Since we have instituted this policy, many exciting companies have paid us a visit and new projects have been initiated, which benefits both parties.

Why should I get to know TELE?

If you are curious how a company can function with expanded independent responsibility, a sense of cooperation, sustainability and fun instead of managers, then you’ve come to the right place. This is exactly how we do business, and you have an opportunity to experience how it works. Or maybe you are seeking a technical solution to a problem? Or both perhaps? Then you definitely need to get in touch with us. For we are electrical engineering specialists with solid know-how and a crazy innovation incubator. We link technologies and are your partner if you are seeking someone who understands your vision and can help you make it a reality. Do you have an idea, but have no idea where to start? We are creative problem solvers. Get to know us!

Why are you represented at so many events?

We believe that innovation happens when people can work together under their own direction and without restrictions – beyond the boundaries of the company. And we are unbelievably curious. Therefore, we are open inwardly and outwardly without compromise and love talking to people about TELE. On the other hand, we also want to know exactly what others are doing. And we can learn a lot by attending events. By talking with other companies, organizations, universities/technical colleges and startups. We frequently meet fabulous people in this way who become TELE Cosmos project partners.

What is TELE Cosmos?

TELE Cosmos is a network of:

  • TELE employees

  • External partners from different industries

  • Startups
  • Vocational schools/universities/technical colleges

We believe that the best ideas happen when people from different backgrounds come together and have fun. Therefore, we are interested in anyone with good ideas and invite them to get to know us. Anyone who is interested can visit us and plug into the TELE Cosmos.

What is Simply Open? – and what is it NOT?

What is Simply Open?

  • Openness
  • Curiosity
  • Cooperation
  • Clarity
  • Independent responsibility and engagement
  • Fun

What is Simply Open NOT?

  • Control
  • Clinging to tradition
  • Isolated islands of power
  • Secrets
  • Hierarchy
  • Fear


We believe that innovation happens when people come together and have fun. When openness reigns. And curiosity. Where the power islands in a company fall with their secrets and where taboos are broken. What we are doing about this? We are opening ourselves up and invite anyone who would like to get to know us, and we are making the entire TELE organization more visible so everyone can experience us personally online and offline. Without compromise.

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