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Elevator safety

TELE relays make elevators safer and facilitate immediate responses to problems. This helps avoid standstills and reliably protects riders and the equipment.

Making elevators safer

TELE relays enable disturbance-free elevator operation.

At a glance

Elevators are expected to be reliable and fulfill strict safety requirements. TELE’s monitoring solutions in the main control cabinet minimize risks for riders and maintenance personnel. In addition to voltage monitoring, they can monitor the motor temperature and lamp current of the interior lighting. If a fault occurs, the system switches to emergency or disturbance mode and/or sends an alarm.



Voltage monitoring

The E1PF480 monitoring relay continuously monitors the voltage of elevator controllers and activates an alarm whenever it detects impermissible deviations in the phase sequence or a phase failure. Optionally, the monitor can be switched to asymmetry.

  • Voltage monitoring in three-phase networks
  • Monitoring of phase sequence and phase failure
  • Monitoring asymmetry
  •  Supply voltage = measurement voltage
  • 1 changeover contact
  • Width 17.5 mm Installation design


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Voltage and motor temperature monitoring

Relay V4PF480 also provides reliable voltage monitoring, but it can also monitor the motor temperature in order to reliably prevent overheating. Simply connect the PTC motor protection sensor to the unit. If the voltage drops impermissibly, the TELE units switch the system to emergency or disturbance mode and prevent danger to people and the machine.

  • Phase sequence and phase failure monitoring
  • Asymmetry monitoring
  • Temperature monitoring (PTC)
  • Supply voltage 208-480 V AC
  • Supply circuit = measuring circuit
  • 2 changeover contacts
  •  Width 45 mm compact industrial design


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TELE monitoring solutions for elevator controllers reduce standstill times and improve system reliability.
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Lamp monitoring of interior lighting

The lighting inside elevators must work flawlessly. If the interior lighting fails, the entire elevator must be taken out or service. The TELE E3IM10AL20 current monitoring relay detects lamp current and can be adjusted, for example, to remain energized for as long as the current of any of several lamps exceeds the set threshold. The controller will receive a signal that triggers the disturbance state only once the final lamp in the elevator car fails.

  • Monitoring of direct and alternating current in single-phase networks
  • Multi-function
  • 2 changeover contacts
  • Width 35 mm Installation design


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