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Short-circuit proof­thyristor controller

New TELE power electronics components with short-circuit protection from Gefran for use in industrial furnaces make it possible to forego quick-break fuses

Reliable short-circuit protection with a thyristor controller

Faster and more secure protection for critical heating processes

At a glance

TELE is now offering the new Gefran GTF thyristor controller with integrated Xtra short circuit protection for precise power control in industrial furnaces. The device monitors the output power and responds to overloads and short circuits by interrupting the power supply and turning it on again when needed. Delay-free switching helps to prevent serious damage to systems or products. Shutdowns, which can be costly especially in heating systems with high power requirements, can thereby be minimized. The device may also communicate with a control center via ModBus.

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Availability is very important within industrial processes. Continuous flow without interruptions is crucial to both quality and cost. The Gefran circuit breaker from TELE with built-in overcurrent limiter enables automatic overload protection in electrical heating circuits by constantly and intelligently monitoring the load. If the load current exceeds a preset limit, the device interrupts the circuit before an overload can cause problems for production. In applications where sporadic shorts can occur, the short-circuit protection can be set so that it puts the system in a standby state, in order to allow the system to be manually (locally or remotely) or automatically (through a delay) switched back on. This prevents a costly, full plant shutdown. The GTF Xtra allows you to forget additional super fast blowing fuser.

Added value

  • Fast, reliable and secure protection for critical heating processes.
  • Protection of heating systems against damage due to high residual currents.
  • Automatic, continuous, and repeatable protection.
  • No need for the stockpiling and changing of fuses.
  • ModBus communication to interact with control systems.
  • GF_eXpress digital parameter setting and archiving software
  • No interruption of production through automatic restart after a temporary short circuit.
  • Greater availability, less downtime, increased productivity.

Application areas

  • Industrial heating systems
  • Vacuum furnaces for heat treatment
  • Shaft furnaces for use in, for example, gas nitriding
  • Manufacture of glass laboratory flasks
  • Manufacture of blow-molded containers
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