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This page contains recent stories about TELE. If you don't find what you're looking for, please send us an e-mail or call us. We'll take care of your needs.

Why report about us?

TELE is a respected monitoring specialist and a crazy innovation incubator. With a lot of technical know-how and people who enjoy their work. TELE combines technologies. Cooperates with others. Free of traditional hierarchies. With plenty of room for independent thinking and extraordinary ideas. There are plenty of exciting stories to tell about this.

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November 2018


NA003 complies with NRS 097-2-1:2017

The proven grid and system protection NA003 from TELE is certified for standard NRS 097-2-1:2017 and can be used in South Africa from now on.

February 2018

05/02/2018 – Automation


Das neue Elektrodenrelais V4LM von TELE zur Niveau-Überwachung in leitenden Flüssigkeiten vereint 10 verschiedene Funktionen in einem sehr kompakten Gerät. Es überwacht den Stand einer Flüssigkeit über Sonden, die direkt eingetaucht werden. Je nach gewählter Funktion steuert das V4LM so das Zu- und Abpumpen sowie Trocken- und Überlaufalarm. Das Gerät kommt überall dort zum Einsatz, wo die Einhaltung eines definierten Füllstands ein wichtiges Kriterium für die Funktion, Effizienz und Sicherheit darstellt. Es schützt Maschinen und Anlagen vor Leckschäden, Flüssigkeitsverlust sowie Trocken- oder Überlauf.
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Contact Person Eveline Stöger

April 2017

03/04/2017 – Press Release


On 30 March 2017, XING awarded the New Work Award to the Viennese industrial company TELE Haase as one in three established Companies category in Berlin. For the fourth time, the network awarded prizes to outstanding companies which are role models for the future and are al-ready leaving a mark in the multi-layered transformation of the working world.
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March 2017

06/03/2017 – Automation


The modular Bernd system from TELE Haase reliably measures and monitors voltage, current, active power, phase sequence, temperature and digital signals in tough industrial environments. Bernd is very talka-tive and effectively communicates the measured values from the pro-cess level directly to the automation level. Voltage-proof for direct mea-surement in low-voltage networks, interference-resistant, overload-capable, galvanically safe and completely free from additional conver-ters, measuring transducers or isolation amplifiers. If necessary, Bernd even works reliably with inverter-fed machines.
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June 2016

29/06/2016 – Engery Efficiency


TELE is now offering the new Gefran thyristor controller with inte-grated Xtra overcurrent limiting for precise power control in in-dustrial furnaces. Overcurrent limiting controls the output power and responds to overloads and short-circuits by interrupting the power supply and turning it on again when needed. This saves the need for additional quick-break fuses and, through low-latency switching, contributes to the prevention of serious damage. Shut-downs, which can be costly especially in heating systems with high power requirements, can thereby be minimized. The device may also communicate with a control center via ModBus.
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May 2016

24/05/2016 – Energy Grid Stability

TELE protects smartflower

Simple, compact, functional, and as pretty as a flower – the all-in-one smartflower solar system not only looks really cool, but it is also technically extremely well thought out. Its "flowerhead" follows the sun and generates approx. 4,000 kWh per year – the average electricity demand of a household in Central Europe. The smartflower can be equipped with integrated grid and system protection from TELE for feeding solar power into the public grid.
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March 2016

30/03/2016 – Automation


TELE introduces the G4CM690V16ATL20 load monitor for monitoring the power factor/cosinus phi in machines and systems. The unit monitors the loads of inductive and capacitive consumers in single or three-phase networks, up to 16 A direct, including with external power con-verters. Voltages from 85 to 690 VAC are possible. This gives the power factor monitor the ability to reliably detect toothed belt breaks, dry run-ning of pumps, filter contamination, or excessive pressure in pipes. It is also ideal for regulating the reactive power in compensation systems.
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15/03/2016 – Engery Efficiency


Industrial processes - and particularly asynchronous motors - require a great deal of energy. Industrial heaters are also known for their appetite for power. This is not only an environmental issue, but it also places high demands on the power grid and costs a great deal of money. Dur-ing the starting phase, the MS3 soft starter from TELE supplies motors with precisely the amount of power to overcome the starting torque and prevents a higher starting torque with an adjustable starting ramp. An internal current limiter also minimizes the impact load and network load peaks. In this way, both mechanical loads as well as nominal voltage dips can be reliably prevented.
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August 2015

01/08/2015 – Energy Grid Stability


Tele offers you the new MS3 soft starter for a continuous starting procedure of asynchronous 3ph motors. The unit is thyristor based and integrates current measurement and current limiting without external components and wiring. This function controls and limits exactly the maximum motor current that is used to start the whole system without overloading the motor and drive mechanics.
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May 2015

10/05/2015 – Energy Grid Stability


From smoking chimneys to buzzing heads – a modern industrial company is only successful when it constantly rethinks technology and the structures behind it and if it is well connected for the deve-lopment of smarter solutions. TELE has been intensively working for many years on intelligent company organization, and this develop-ment now manifests itself in "Your smart factory." An important aspect of this open concept is the cooperation with innovative com-panies and start-ups. As a technology partner with its own manufac-turing facility in Vienna, TELE enters into an intensive exchange of know-how and also makes the existing infrastructure, such as R&D processes and production facilities, available to up-and-comers.
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April 2015

10/04/2015 – Energy Grid Stability


With its new, optimized grid and system protection, Tele tackles an important problem: many countries - many standards. Effective immediately, the new RE NA003 with its compact design covers all main country standards in one device. All relevant parameters can be flexibly set directly in the field via Open Setup. This allows for permanently programmed, country-specific standards to be individually adapted, if required. Completely new setups for new grid and system standards can also be easily programmed.
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