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RMA - Service

Use our easy and convenient RMA - form


Despite great care it may happen that goods have to be sent back to Tele for repair. For a quick and easy processing please use our RMA online service. Typically repair is carried out within 25 working days.


  • Please confirm correctness of your information in the checkbox right below.
  • Please use one position for each unit if you send several devices with different errors.
  • Take note that reimbursement costs of € 50 will be charged in case of improper use/ installation if there are no legitimate guarantee or warranty claims existing.
  • Take note that a processing fee of at least € 100 (plus shipping and repair costs) will be charged if warranty claims are already expired.
  • Please be informed that claims cannot be processed without indication of delivery note and invoice number. If you can not find this information please contact us by phone (pls.s.b.).
  •  Following submission of the below RMA form, you will receive an RMA number by email. Please provide this number for dispatch of the returns and all following communication.

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