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Wind power

What exactly is wind power and how do those wind turbines work that I see sprouting up out of the ground?

What is wind power?

The energy of flowing air is an indirect form of solar energy and can be used to generate power in wind turbines. A wind turbine consists – in simplified form – of a foundation, a tower, a nacelle, and a rotor, which converts the flowing energy of the wind into rotational energy. The rotor turns a multi-stage gearbox that drives an asynchronous generator coupled directly to the power grid. The nacelle mounted on the tower contains the mechanical and electrotechnical components for converting the rotational motion of the rotor into electrical energy. The nacelle swivels so the turbine can adapt to winds coming from different directions.


Austria in comparison

In addition to the EU itself, China and the United States are the driving forces of the current boom in wind power. In 2014 the globally installed total wind energy output was about 370 gigawatts. At the end of 2014, a total of 1,016 wind turbines were turning, generating total output of 2.1 gigawatts. The total installed output from wind energy in Germany was about 38 gigawatts in 2014.

Safety for wind turbines

Wind turbines generate power only when the wind blows. As a result, the power supply from wind turbines is irregular. This can endanger the reliability of the supply and the stability of the networks. The challenge consists of, on one hand, adapting consumption to generation, and on the other hand adapting reserves to controllable generation capacities. In other words, it is a ongoing balancing act. TELE develops monitoring solutions that protect both people and equipment and improve network stability so renewable energies can be generated safely and integrated into the public power grid.

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