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Focus on renewable energy

TELE develops products and systems for monitoring and controlling photovoltaic and wind turbines, covering everything from power generation through distribution to the consumer.

Why "renewable energy?"

TELE wants to help make the world a better place. This can succeed only if we use sustainable technology. Renewable energy uses resources that renew themselves, can be recycled, or are available in abundance. That is why TELE develops and manufactures products and solutions for the photovoltaic and wind power


Industrial processes require a great deal of energy. In Austria, manufacturing companies alone account for 28% of all energy consumption, with an upward trend. This is not only an environmental issue, but it also places high demands on the power grid and costs companies a lot of money, since energy is expensive. Therefore, taking steps to improve energy efficiency makes sense not just from an ecological perspective, but for business reasons as well.

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Portrait Christoph Haase
"I want to go to bed at night knowing that TELE has done something to make a difference and has made a positive contribution. It can be anything, such as greater sustainability or less environmental harm. That is why we at TELE concern ourselves with the topic of renewable energy."
Christoph Haase TELE Managing Director


The renewable energy industry is developing rapidly. TELE has products and solutions in its assortment for the various fields of application.

Power generation

Power generation from renewable sources is usually decentralized, such as local photovoltaic or wind turbines. This gives municipalities, cities, and citizens greater flexibility and a larger say in their energy supply, but also presents new challenges.

Power supplies are based on the interaction of a large number of diverse producers, such as solar and wind turbines, which are connected across long distances through a line grid. If the power is transported over long distances, as is so often the case today, the stability is compromised.

Energy storage systems help equalize the fluctuating power supplies and the constantly changing demand for power in the field of renewable energies. In order to ensure that power is available when it is needed, the demand must be fulfilled at all times by a sufficiently large supply. Differences between the generation and demand of power can be balanced out through intermediate storage of energy. In this way, energy storage systems also make the network more stable.

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Stephanie Windhager Sales

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