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Find books, dissertations and BACC and Master's theses on TELE topics here

TELE as a research subject

We are constantly learning something new through dialog with educational institutions. Likewise, universities, technical colleges and vocational schools are always curious about our activities and make TELE and its organization and technology the topic of scientific works time and again.

The following is a chronological list of publications that have featured TELE:


Mag. Anita Kimerstorfer (2017)

Neue Arbeitsformen in agilen Unternehmen aufgrund der digitalen Transformation. Master Thesis, University course Management, Human Resources and Organization, Donauuni Krems.

Master Thesis (German)


 Jutta Camen, Michael Müller-Camen, Markus Stelzmann, (2017)

Management und Quantenphysik. Das Beispiel TELE. In: Austrian Management Review. Vol. 7, Rainer Hampp Verlag, Augsburg.


Samuel Peter Schäfer (2017)

„Alternative“ Formen der Unternehmensführung – Im Fokus: Firma Tele Haase, Student research project at Aalen University.


Ramsauer Stefan & Katzler Gregor (2017)

“Contribution margin optimization of production processes” (German), vocational school thesis, HTL Hollabrunn.

TELE is an external advisor for this thesis until 2017.


Bartz Michael, Herausgeber (2016)

Professor Department Business, FH IMC Krems.

“Unternehmen der neuen Generation”, Atlas des neuen Arbeitens, Buch, Springer.

This book shows practical examples of companies of a new generation in industry that deal with “new world of work”. The transformation of companies to organizations with new innovative working methods needs time and ressources. It is not free of risk. The more important it is, to read about experience of other companies, already successful on this way.

One chapter of this book describes the transformation of TELE. Click here for the Landing Page. (German).


Roland Panter, Gabriele Kottlorz (2016)

Erfolgsfaktor Mitarbeiterintelligenz, book, Midas Management Verlag, Zürich, S. 118f.

Expert interview with TELE.


(FH) Dr. Pircher Richard (2016)

Director of the Banking and Finance Bachelor’s Program and International Banking and Finance Master’s Program (2016)

“New Organization Structures in Practice”, book, University of Applied Sciences of the bfi Vienna.

Expert interview with TELE.


Schnabl Katrin (2016)

“Decision-making processes in new organizational structures” (German), MSc, University of Vienna.

New organizational structures are characterized by the lack of a traditional hierarchy. Processes within the company change as a result of such modified structures, such as the essential and everyday task of making strategic and operational decisions. The objective of this master thesis is to analyze the resulting new decision-making processes and demonstrate the principles and methods used for making decisions in new organizations. Furthermore, it also compares the central elements of such decisions with those in more traditional organizations.

TELE is the research focus of this work.


Strnad Werner (2016)

“Requirements engineering in safety-critical areas for small and midsize companies” (German), Master’s thesis, University of Applied Sciences Vienna Campus”, Safety and Systems Engineering” field of study.

This thesis covers the fundamentals of requirements engineering. This represents special challenges for small and midsize companies (SMCs), since their potential use of resources is limited compared to large corporations. Implementation in practice will be subsequently addressed.

Werner is an employee at TELE. Contact him.


Gregorn Thomas (2015/2016)

  • “The role of specialized technical know-how in site relocations for small and midsize electronics manufacturing companies in rural areas” (German)
  • “Standardized approach to implementing systems networking and autonomy in the production process of small to midsize companies in the electronics industry” (German)

Bachelor’s thesis, University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien, International Industrial Engineering.

Thomas is an employee at TELE. Contact him.


Lang Sebastian (2015/2016)

“I²C Verification Module written in VHDL”, Bachelor’s thesis, University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien.

The verification of complex, digital hardware in VHDL is an important step of the design process in order to reduce time expenditure and costs. This bachelor paper investigates the creation and simulation of an I²C verification module (VM) programmed in the hardware description language VHDL. The verification module fully supports the I²C interface protocol and allows for embedding into existing simulations and automatic verification (assertion based verification) of I²C interfaces. Text files used as user interface allow for configuration of the module, submission of test inputs and the output of an error log.

Sebastian is an employee at TELE. Contact him.


Teufelberger Anissa (2016)

“Company structures and leadership behavior”, Master’s thesis, London School of Economics and Political Science.

Expert interview with TELE.


Schreiner Nico (2016)

“Outsourcing of technical personnel by comparison” (German), Bachelor’s thesis, University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien.

Expert interview with TELE.


Fleischmann Michael (2015)

“Visualization technology adoption in production and assembling enterprises” (German), Master’s thesis on the topic, MCI Management Center Innsbruck specializing in management, communication & IT.

Expert interview with TELE.

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