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True power monitoring; Temperature monitoring; to 500V; to 10A; Analog output; Fault latch; 1 CO; 1 NO

possible replacements for the BUT…A5X fuctionality:
a) active power monitoring with relay output: successor G2BM400V12AL10 + compatible power module
b) active power monitoring with analogue output 0-10V: successor G2BA480V12A 0…10V alternative with G2BA480V12A 4…20mA
c) thermistor monitoring: successor G2TF01 + compatible power module or V2TF01
d) a unit combining active power monitoring (2 levels) with thermistor monitoring is the G4BM480V12ATL20

For replacement of the BUT500VA5X most units are available as types for 480V nominal voltage as well as the type G4BM690V16ATL20 for up to 690V nominal voltage

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