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The new compact monitoring modules with Modbus RTU interface for highly accurate and reliable measurement communicate a variety of values to a PLC or other master devices

TELE SensAct

TELE introduced a new range of communication-capable monitoring devices with Modbus RTU interface with the focus on energy applications and monitoring of key electric values in industrial plants. The modules reliably measure current / voltage / power / energy and various other electrical values in single- or three-phase networks and deliver the data via Modbus RTU to a PLC or other evaluation devices (data logger). The timely data transmission and evaluation gives the operator a clear picture of the condition of his system at all times and enables to adapt maintenance intervals accordingly. This helps to avoid  costly unscheduled downtimes.



Here you can find all downloads for our new series SensAct. Containing development software, important Modbus tables and step Files.

Christian Kunst
Christian Kunst Innovation

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