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Relays, power monitors, power electronics or grid and systems protection - our products keep your systems, buildings and machines running and ensure safety and energy efficiency.

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In the field of monitoring technology, we offer an extensive, balanced line of automation components for your specific application.This allows you to monitor and control various processes on a cross-sector basis. TELE products ensure and enhance availability and reliability in plants, buildings and machines, thus providing you with added value that lasts.

We manufacture our products in our own facilities here in Austria. This gives us – and you, of course – the peace of mind that our relays are produced with the highest quality and with extremely long life cycles.

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TELE is your expert for monitoring technology. Select from our time relays, monitoring relays and load monitors, grid and system protection, and power electronics and get exactly the right components for your requirements.

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We know your industry and find the right applications for it. With the functions you can imagine and at the price that suits you. Here you will find a selection of monitoring and control applications that have already been implemented for special problems. Take a look at TELE solutions in the real world from A to Z and find your industry solution or get ideas for your next project.

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