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The latest TELE products at a glance

Our monitoring solutions such as relays, load monitors, grid and system protection, and power electronics make life better and safer in countless applications.

The top products from our Smart Factory

Monitoring technology is our specialty. Challenges are our passion. This results in solutions that precisely meet the requirements of our customers.

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Motor soft starter with integrated isolation contactor

The Christian P-4.0/RL/TP/IC from TELE integrates soft starter, reversing unit, 3pole motor contactor and thermal protection relay in a 22,5mm wide housing.
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NA003 complies with NRS 097-2-1:2017

Der neue RE NA003 von TELE in kompakter Installationsbauform deckt nun auch den Standard NRS 097-2-1:2017 für Südafrika ab.
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The Best of TELE

Discover the TELE product portfolio and learn about the best TELE products. The new Highlightfolder is out now
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TELE Automation Components

Insights into the TELE product portfolio
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New functions for the grid and system protection NA003

TELE adapts the new version of the NA003 according to new and important standards and creates an easier operation.
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Standardised performance descriptions

Leistungsbeschreibungen nach ÖNORM A2063 für TELE-Produkte ab sofort im Österreichischen Industriestandard verfügbar
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V4LM 24-240V AC/DC – Fill level measurement with 10 functions

The new V4LM electrode relay from TELE for level monitoring in conductive fluids combines 10 different functions in one very compact device.
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Space saving Motor Starter Christian

Softstarter Christian limits the inrush current of electric motors and therefore avoids current peaks – energy efficient through the use of bypass relays in…
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Fill level measurement

TELE entwickelt eine neue Methode zur Füllstandsmessung und hat darüber hinaus bewährte Systemlösungen für unterschiedliche Anwendungen im Programm.
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Bernd communicates from the process level

The modular Bernd system from TELE Haase reliably measures and monitors voltage, current, active power, phase sequence, temperature and digital signals in tough…
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Grid and System Protection for CHPUs and Batteries

Der TELE Netz- und Anlagenschutz NA003 erobert Blockheizkraftwerke und Energiespeicher.
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Short-circuit proof­thyristor controller

A new TELE thyristor controller with short-circuit protection from Gefran for use in industrial furnaces makes it possible to forego quick-break fuses and…
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Werner – ­ a relais learns to communicate

The industry needs modular, networked, and compact switching units that can communicate with a higher level system. It is exactly for this reason that TELE has…
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Power factor/cosinus-phi monitor

The unit monitors the loads of inductive and capacitive consumers in single or three-phase networks, up to 16 A direct, including with external power…
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Lastwächter schützen Maschinen und Anlagen

Der Belastungszustand von Elektromotoren sagt viel über den Zustand „seiner“ Antriebe, Maschinen und Anlagen aus. TELE-Lastwächter messen zuverlässig die…
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Elevator safety

Elevators are expected to be reliable and fulfill strict safety requirements. TELE's monitoring solutions in the main control cabinet minimize risks for riders…
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Thyristor controller with phase angle control

With the TST01, TELE now has a new thyristor controller for stepless control of power consumption of inductive and ohmic loads.
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Capacitive fill level sensor

Effective immediately, TELE's product line now includes the new SMART PADDLE capacitive fill level sensor from Rechner for monitoring the fill level of bulk…
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Softstarter protects electric drives

With the MS3, TELE now has a new softstart device for continuous power metering of asynchronous motors in its product range.
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Grid stability in the control cabinet

TELE introduces the new V2UF voltage-drop detector. The unit continually monitors the voltage in the supply grid and detects short interruptions, so-called…
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