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Facility Management

Charge measurement for energy storage devices

Save and fully isolated measurement of DC energy packs VEO Series V4IA100A 24-240V AC/DC For battery power packs in energy storage devices, peak power systems…
Facility Management

Automatic fan control of drying chamber

The monitoring relais E3IF500mAAC20 controls automatic start/stop of auxiliary drives.
Facility Management

Fan monitoring for paint or sandblast booth

The TELE load monitor GAMMA G2CU400V10AL10 recognizes faulty operating conditions of fan motors and triggers the delay timer.
Industrial Plant

Level monitoring of electroplating tanks

The TELE monitoring relais G2LM20 von TELE detects the level of chemically aggressive, conductive liquids in containers
Facility Management

LED lamp monitoring

LED lamps nowadays are widely used in buildings, industrial environment, plants and public places. The challenging task to monitor changes in the low lamp…
Water & Waste

Monitoring of pumps & valves

The Watchdog relais E1ZMWt10 detects water flow pulses to make sure that pumps and valves work properly
Facility Management

Prevent elevator shaft from water damage

The TELE Pegelmonitor V4LM4S30 protects elevators and escalators from water water damage.
Industrial Plant

Controlling electric heater elements and infrared lamps

The combination of OVP1 and the space saving thyristorstack TST1-230 is perfect for controlling IR lamps and fast reacting heaters.
Renewable Energy

Catching the sun!

The most important but also basic task for a PV installation is to get the most solar energy converted by the modules. With just two inputs and NO CONTACTORS…
Pumpensteuerung Reinigung
Water & Waste

Cleaning the pump impeller through intelligent motor control

Soft starter Christian P-4.0 with integrated forward/reverse control enables automatic cleaning in closed pump system
Water & Waste

Pump control to reduce water hammering in the pipe system

Christian P-4.0 with soft start and soft stop increases the water pressure in the pipe in a controlled way. The pump does not generate water hammering the pipes…
Facility Management

Automated roll gate/sliding gate control

Soft-starter CHRISTIAN P-4.0 with soft start/soft stop prevents the mechanics of roll gates from heavy stress.
Facility Management

Monitoring of a cold store door

This is designed to prevent the cold store door from being open for too long while the cooling continues to run.
Other Applications

Save stove shut down

Time relais avoids unsafe condition in case of impact button blockade E1ZM10 24-240 To avoid fire hazard, the stove in the shared kitchen of a residential home…
Industrial Plant

Short-circuit protection­for the production of­blow-molded containers

The short-circuit proof Gefran thyristor controller from TELE increases availability for the manufacture of blow-molded containers.
Water & Waste

Sensorless pump­ monitoring

The G4CM690V16ATL20 cosinus phi monitor from TELE reliably and cost-effectively monitors pumps for dry running, mislaid filters, or warming of the medium.
Industrial Plant

Electronic load shedding­ relay prevents overloads

TELE relais prevents operation of more than one high-load consumer at a time E1IM10AACL10 When running several electrical consumers simultaneously, such as…
Renewable Energy

Safe separation of­ wind power plants­ from the grid

Grid and system protection from TELE safely separates wind power plants from the grid in the event of a fault. The unit is programmable, making it suitable for…
Industrial Plant

Short-circuit protection­for the manufacture of­glass laboratory flasks

The short-circuit proof Gefran thyristor controller from TELE increases the availability of plant furnaces, such as those used for the manufacture of glass…
Industrial Plant

Power failure ­monitoring CNC milling ­machine

In order to detect momentary power failures in a CNC machining center, the system is equipped with the TELE V2UF230V10 voltage-drop detector.
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