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TELE EMS – Series production with a personal contact person

TELE EMS – Series production with a personal contact person

TELE EMS produces small and medium quantities at its Vienna site, flexibly, economically and in excellent quality.


EMS, just as you need it

TELE EMS adapts to your requirements. Whether you want to manufacture individual components, modules or complete devices and systems, both of our production lines are available. This means that you can have the entire range of components, parts and mechanical devices economically processed here. What distinguishes us from foreign competitors? You can drop in at any time, convince yourself of our high quality and discuss your requirements with our experts at eye level.

State-of-the-art machines, plants and processes

Our machine park meets all your requirements:

  • Mechanical workshop with all machines.
  • SMT process with two lines (stencil printer, automatic placement machines, reflow soldering machines).
  • 14 workplaces for THT (through-hole technology) assembly with a wave soldering machine in a nitrogen atmosphere.
  • Ten assembly workstations.
  • Ten workstations for testing, final inspection and packaging.
  • Robot workstation.
  • Test equipment construction Standards and quality know-how.
  • Partner for special solutions, such as housing customization, coating technology etc.

Best Practise Smart Park

The Smartpark company uses TELE-EMS and has its Lumen Radio CMRX OEM modules manufactured by TELE in quantities of 30 to 500 units. These very small but complex components allow for wireless transmission of DMX signals in event technology, for example to control lighting and effects equipment. The smallest Smartpark DMX receiver chip manufactured by TELE is located in an OEM module measuring just 26 x 16 mm. Smartpark has relied on TELE-EMS since 2018 and has its highly integrated boards for its TELE production systems assembled, soldered and tested at the Vienna site.


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Personal, locally available and flexible

At TELE EMS, a personal contact person coordinates your requirements and reliably takes care of their implementation. Whether it’s brainstorming, prototyping, development or production – you decide how far the process depth should go. In any case, you benefit from short distances and a high degree of quality and safety of our plants, machines and processes at the Vienna location. We are looking forward to a joint project!

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Ivan Djordjevic
Ivan Djordjevic EMS - Management

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