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TELE makes sustainable energy generation
economical and safe

Sustainable energy generation

The turnaround in the fight against climate change can only succeed if energy is generated sustainably from renewable resources in the future. Therefore, TELE develops and produces solutions that make it possible to operate photovoltaic systems in a technically safe and cost-efficient manner.

PV projects that we implement ourselves

TELE solutions for photovoltaics

A medium-term return on investment is required for the economical operation of photovoltaic systems. Therefore, the total cost of ownership, including possible downtime, is a critical success factor. In addition, PV systems must be safe so that nobody is harmed and grid stability is not endangered. Decentralization, IoT and data analysis are also coming here and will further improve both security and efficiency. TELE monitoring solutions for the photovoltaic industry are a prerequisite for the standard-compliant implementation of a stable energy supply and ensure economical operation of the systems.

Grid and system protection

Wind turbines generate power only when the wind blows. As a result, the power supply from wind turbines is irregular. This can endanger the reliability of the supply and the stability of the networks. The challenge consists of, on one hand, adapting consumption to generation, and on the other hand adapting reserves to controllable generation capacities. In other words, it is a ongoing balancing act. TELE develops monitoring solutions that protect both people and equipment and improve network stability so renewable energies can be generated safely and integrated into the public power grid.

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Avoid feeding into the grid

The T2E load monitor G2BM is used when general feeding into the network is to be avoided. It works via active power detection, optionally in 1- and 3-phase networks with adjustable threshold and separately adjustable start-up delay and tripping delay. If you use the underload monitoring, the device switches off when the consumption drops below a certain threshold. If negative energy is consumed, i.e. fed, it is also switched off.

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Detection of short-term interruptions

Brief interruptions in the network can lead to undefined states in the control cabinet. To prevent this from happening, the monitoring relais V2UF from TELE ensures continuous voltage monitoring, recognizes line wipers / short-term interruptions of at least 10 ms and guarantees a safe switching off / on of downstream consumers. In this way, the device prevents components in the control cabinet from reacting to the short-term interruption with undefined states and generates a reset pulse for controlled restart after the power failure.

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