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TELE Technology

Our know-how, resources and production at the Vienna facility make us the creative problem solver for your ideas

Problems? We want to know!

TELE is a respected monitoring specialist and a crazy innovation incubator. With a lot of technical know-how and people who enjoy their work. We link technologies and are your partner if you are seeking someone who understands your vision and can help you make it a reality. Do you have an idea, but have no idea where to start? We are creative problem solvers. Which is why we know how to approach problems and what to keep in mind.


With which types of technologies is TELE involved?

The TELE Cosmos is open to many topics. Our classic business activities revolve around the development and production of solutions in the areas of monitoring technology with relays, power electronics and grid and system protection. Renewable energy, rail technology and water & waste are some of our most important sectors. Our collaborations with startups and educational institutions have to do with innovative visions for the future. We are currently engaged, above all, in the areas of energy management, designer e-bikes, vertical farming and, of course, everything having to do with the topic of “new ways of working.” Do you have a new idea to offer that is essential to revolutionizing the world in the coming years? We would love to hear it!

Why is your production site in Vienna?

Many companies have moved their production facilities abroad, where they struggle with logistics problems and cultural differences. TELE stands in opposition to this trend and produces its exciting technological solutions at the Vienna production site. Companies that work with TELE benefit from their contact partners and all resources being right in their backyard. And when the roof is on fire, qualified specialists are on hand to address every problem. If you would really like to experience how we operate, you are welcome to visit the company to speak with our experts and observe production. This is how sustainable partnerships and fruitful professional dialogs arise at TELE Cosmos for both parties.

Is TELE Industry 4.0 doing well?

As a midsize company with 90 employees and a consistent production line, TELE houses all important resources under one roof from SMT systems to the THT process, assembly and final production through to packaging and warehousing. With its outstanding organizational structure, the company has developed little by little into an innovation incubator capable of testing good ideas easily and quickly. Which is why we are one step ahead when it comes to Industry 4.0. We are already communicating with the machines and systems used in production and record your data. The continuous capture of this operating data makes it possible to analyze and constantly improve the overall production process. More info

What should I expect from a visit to TELE production?

TELE production includes the following:

  • Mechanical workshop with all machines.
  • SMT process with two lines, consisting of a stencil printer, placement machines and reflow soldering systems.
  • 14 workstations for THT equipping (through-hole-technology) with a wave soldering machine in nitrogen atmosphere.
  • Ten assembly workstations.
  • Ten workstations for testing, final inspection and packaging.
  • One robot workstation.
  • Warehouse logistics.
  • Test equipment design standards and quality know-how.
  • Partner for special solutions, for example, housing customization, 3D printing, coating technology, sheet metal construction, etc.

Learn more about TELE production

What can I expect from TELE development?

TELE has developed and introduced solutions for more than 50 years. Therefore, we have the comprehensive know-how and the right equipment for translating ideas into reality. We have:

  • Electronics development with tried and proven processes and resources.
  • Competent experts with experience.
  • Specialists familiar with norms, standards and certificates.
  • Construction know-how (rapid prototyping).
  • Partner for special solutions.

Learn more about TELE development

At a glance

What we do…

  • Provide great listening skills.

  • Turn your ideas into reality.

  • Provide you with know-how, machines and systems.

  • Bring you up to speed on standards and quality.

  • Bring your project into development and production.

  • Guarantee short pathways for information and logistics.

What we don’t do…

  • Allow good ideas to gather dust on the shelf.

  • The same things we have always done.

  • Covet secrets alone in hiding.

  • Make things more complicated than they are.

  • Keep our knowledge to ourselves.

  • Operate our production from the other side of the world.

From zero to Twingz

Just two and a half years ago, they were barely a startup at that point, Twingz had an idea for an energy management system. The success story really starts, however, when they began developing the product in collaboration with TELE. Our developers plugged the Twingz software into the right hardware and little by little they created a prototype. With a lot of elbow grease, the device finally reached series maturity and we are producing it in-house. Twingz settled in at the very beginning in an office at the TELE company building. This not only put the startup, which has grown in employees since then, on the fast track – production including equipping, soldering system and assembly are just one level down – but also allowed them to fall back on the TELE development process at any time.

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