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The company of the future.

A company that is constantly changing has to have a flexible structure.

The organisation of the
“company of the future”

Hierarchies are rigid and limit growth and flexibility. Which is why TELE is abandoning hierarchical structures and is now focussing on its processes and the employees who work in these processes.

In the future, it will no longer matter who is in charge, but who the best person for the job is. Our employees are no longer told what to do from above, but instead decide together what to do within the team.



Companies are traditionally organised in a hierarchical manner in which one person is responsible for one area of business.
We do things differently.

Everything is interlocked

Produktion Sales Innovation

Innovation, sales and production are the things that make up our company. We now refer to these as primary processes. All the things that help to ensure these primary processes get accomplished are called support processes.
And all of these processes come together to form our operational activities.

A broader perspective

It may be that one employee works in several processes at the same time. As we mentioned before, we no longer have one person who is generally responsible for one task. At the same time, no one person has to do the work of ten.
Each employee simply applies his or her skills in different areas.

Qualification and responsibility

Qualification is when employees take on responsibility for certain processes, the company and themselves.
And if someone wants more responsibility, they get it.

Deciding together

Every employee can sit on a committee. Regardless of what it’s about and who is needed.
Committees decide together what is important for their department and the company and what should happen.
This is called strategy.

Responsibility for people

Staff supervisors are removed from processes and take care of our people. They make sure that they are happy and learn new things.
And they also make sure that everything is unbiased and fair.

Something for everyone

We see people not just as employees but as individuals with their own strengths.
They can further develop their skills and apply them in a wide range of different areas and make use of their strengths. Or move into entirely different areas that suit them better.
This works out better for them and for us.

Supporting one another. Learning new things. Taking on challenges.

Things aren’t decided by one person all the time, but by the person who has the most knowledge about the relevant situation. We believe this results in a company that works better.
We call it “The company of the future”.

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