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Our relays are used in a multitude of applications,
to the benefit of millions of people, and every single one has its unique story.

Our solutions are a reflection of ourselves: knowledge, experience, love of fun – and the ambition to never stop improving. This results in some exciting stories that you can discover here.

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TELE PV neu Suedseite

TELE expands photovoltaic system

TELE doubles its photovoltaic capacities and extends the in-house system by a total of 62.4 kWp with modules on the facade of the company building.
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Develop together

TELE has decided to take the path of customer-centered development. To pursue this path very consistently in our own product development, external development…
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The Best of TELE

Discover the TELE product portfolio and learn about the best TELE products. The new Highlightfolder is out now
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TELE on the way to energy self-sufficiency

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EE Controls –
A Partner of Trust

Since 1994, EE Controls Ltd. also known as EEC, has been one of the top distributors in Orangeville, a town in Ontario, not far from Toronto, Canada. For over…
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TELE VEO officially listed by Watercare New Zealand

Watercare New Zealand – the largest New Zealand water and wastewater company, has officially approved three TELE VEO products for use in its facilities.
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NA003-M64 – the new grid and system protection relay for Europe

Der neue Netz- und Anlagenschutz (NA-Schutz) NA003-M64 von TELE Haase vereint alle zentraleuropäischen Standards in einem Gerät und ist deshalb universell…
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PRIA research cooperation and EMS@TELE

The innovative Hedgehog robotics controller from the PRIA research institute is manufactured by EMS at TELE Haase in Vienna 23. In addition, PRIA cooperates…
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TELE production “Up and running”

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Smartpark – EMS at TELE

The Tyrolean company Smartpark develops systems for the wireless transmission of DMX signals to control lighting technology. The company has relied on TELE-EMS…
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There for you even in difficult times

Your primary contacts will still be available via telephone and email. Die Produkte sind in gewohnter Qualität lieferbar. We are still able to guarantee the…
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NA003 meets new Belgian C10 / C11 Edition 2.1 (2019)

The new technical prescriptions C10 / C11 Edition 2.1 (2019) in Belgium with the designation “Specific technical prescriptions regarding power-generating…
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NA003 now certified according to the CEI 0-21:2019-04 standard

TELE got an additional certification, which makes it possible to use the NA003 as a higher-level uncoupling protection.
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Produce in series for the first time – one:solutions

Tech-Startups aus dem Factory Hub Vienna und ihre Herausforderungen auf dem Weg von der Idee zur Serienfertigung. Eines der erfolgreichen Startups im Factory…
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New Distribution Partner in Denmark

We are looking forward to an exciting and successful collaboration Promising new sales partnership This week we had the pleasure to host a visitor from Denmark…
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NA003 receives additional certification to the VDE-AR-N 4110 for higher-level uncoupling protection

TELE got an additional certification, which makes it possible to use the NA003 as a higher-level uncoupling protection.
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Security lighting in buildings

TELE Enya monitoring relays ensure safe activation of emergency lighting in the event of a power failure.
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Multifunction timer with 3PH contactor

With the COM3T, TELE offers a compact multifunctional time relay that directly switches motors, fans or pumps up to 10A 230V.
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NA003 from TELE complies with VDE-AR-N 4105: 2018-11 and British G98/99

Revised application rules for electric energy generation plants on the low-voltage / medium-voltage grid apply from 27th April 2019.
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Motor starter with integrated isolation contactor

The Christian P-4.0/RL/TP/IC from TELE integrates soft starter, reversing unit, 3pole motor contactor and thermal protection relay in a 22,5mm wide housing.
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