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TELE Haase

We are 50 years old, but young at heart and as curious as kids. We are a respected industrial enterprise and crazy forgers of new ideas. Together, we are reinventing the world of work and making the world a little bit better at the same time.

The success story of Tele

Our roots

We are the Austrian market leader for time and monitoring relays and have been developing components and customized solutions for more than five decades. TELE relays bear a lot of responsibility. They work reliably in transformer stations, control cabinets and industrial plants and are part of renewable energy production in wind, water and solar power plants.


Our history

  • 1963 Founding of Haase as a company
  • 1967 Founding of Tele as a production company
  • 1973 Founding of Tele Steuergeräte/Munich
  • 1979 Merger into Tele Haase Steuergeräte GmbH
  • 2002 Construction of new headquarters and a production facility in Vienna
  • 2011 Set up of the 72 kWp photovoltaic system on the company roof
  • 2013 Company’s 50th anniversary
  • 2015 Beginning of cooperation with start-ups
  • 2016 TELE goes Industry 4.0

Our future

Where will the journey take us now? Our monitoring technology does not stand alone. In the future, it will fit very well into the whole of Industry 4.0. It learns to communicate and delivers its data across different interfaces in the network to where it is needed. To control, store, or visualize it. In order for TELE to build the technology of the future, the company first had to reinvent itself. Your Smart Factory does away with traditional hierarchies. Instead we have a lot of individual responsibility, fun, and we work together on all levels.


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