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Working at TELE

Do you want to be part of the company of the future? As an employer, TELE offers you the opportunity to assume responsibility for your work every day without the hindrance of traditional hierarchies. We are committed to democratic decision-making processes and fair pay.

No bosses - everyone bears responsibility

At the “company of the future,” there are no conventional bosses who tell everyone else what to do and assume responsibility for entire departments. Instead, each employee is expected to actively contribute and be accountable for achieving their goals.

How our employees are wired

Employees who are a good fit at the “company of the future” have very special capabilities: They are curious, creative, and straightforward in dealing with other people. They also place a high value on self-determined work, they are happy to make decisions, and persistently pursue their objectives. In addition to technical knowledge and experience, they are also distinctively motivated by fun. Within their area of responsibility, they enjoy collaborating in teams.

Freedom makes it possible to be creative

Since they have a lot of personal responsibility, employees at the “company of the future” also enjoy a lot of freedom and the opportunity to be creative in many ways. This allows them to specifically develop their own skills and contribute their strengths where they are needed and will be appreciated.

Apprenticeships at TELE

TELE trains apprentices. Why? It’s simple: because we want the best employees we can get. But to do that, we have to make our own effort. And offer the best training available. At our Smart Factory, we encourage and promote young people in the most comprehensive and exciting ways possible. So what should you bring to the party? We are excited to meet young people who are committed and want to make a difference. Being able to do everything is less important than having a vision. We believe in your abilities and will show you how to do what you have not yet learned. Join the team!

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