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Uwe Eisenmann

Industrial Marketing Consultant

Uwe Eisenmann

New markets, new products, new challenges. Uwe is our partner, when we look for successful market opportunities in the field of industrial communication and network technology. As industrial marketing consultant he collects market know-how, and supports TELE in the process of goal definition and operationalisation of our strategy.

How Uwe defines his business:

  • Primary, marketing for me is to understand markets, to identify needs behind the obvious (Henry Ford – „If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said ‘faster horses.”).
  • Illustrating the zoom factor from „megatrend to own business model or product”.
  • Navigation through the variety of possibilities (Field of automation, industrial network technology and IoT).
  • Openness, to deal with change – even if they influence the own comfort zone.
  • Fun and joy and for thinking and discussing – primary envisioning future scenarios.


Privatly Uwe loves to travel als „overlander“ by his youngtimer Jeep Cherokee und adventure traveller motorbike – to find new experiences and meet other people and cultures.

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