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Energy management


TELE supports Twingz with development and production of the eCoach and eButler, innovative solutions for the intelligent control and optimization of the energy consumption in households and companies. Savings of energy costs up to 40% are possible.

The solution

Twingz optimizes the energy consumption of a household or a company with intelligent control of different devices. The central connection of these devices to the twingz smart energy platform makes it possible to regard the whole house as an entire system, so one can calculate forecasts for the expected energy production of a photovoltaic or solar thermal energy plant e.g. based on weather data. A simple logic works out proposals for an optimized control of single electrical loads (e.g. hot water processing). So that this devices are only switched on, or controlled, if enough energy is produced.

This control helps to reduce consumption peaks in the morning and evening. That leads to a reduction of energy costs up to 40 %. By the optimization of turn-on-peaks and central control of devices, significant savings of energy can be achieved.

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