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Barbara Reininger

Marketing-/PR-lady. Text professional with focus on technology. Concept freak. Shiatsu practicioner.

Barbara Reininger

Barbara Reininger supports TELE as Marketing-/PR-specialist. She is text professional with focus on technology. Concept freak. Together with Roland Voraberger she is the driving force of marketing strategy and implementation. She non-stop delivers technical sound content. Composes press infos, supples website and blog and writes every text needed. Besides she serves the media and prepares technical information about TELE’s solutions in a comprehensive form. Enthusiastical she hurls herself into the TELE organizational development and supports the dialogue with her analytical gaze.

Is there anything else that you are passionate for?

I am too a passionate Shiatsu practicioner with a cosy practice in the 9th district of Vienna. At this place I pamper my clients with this fascinating japanese body work/massage and get to the bottom of every little ailment of body and soul.

What is so interesting about that?

Maybe Shiatsu doesn’t give you what you want all the time. But Shiatsu gives you, what you need in this moment. So I can give you a peaceful moment on a stressful day. I help you letting go, when holding tight has become an exhausting habit. Observe how you breathe a sigh of relieve. I support you with healing touch where it hurts. And sometimes I can give you a piece of luck, just how it is.

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