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GRAPE – Felix Häusler & Team

CEO Chatgrape

GRAPE – Felix Häusler & Team

GRAPE ist ein internes Kommunikationstool, das alle Kommunikationsabläufe vereint. Konkret bedeutet das für Unternehmen, dass die Mitarbeiter mit GRAPE bis zu 28% an effektiver Arbeitszeit für Suche und Bearbeitung einsparen.

GRAPE has been a partner of TELE since 2016. They provide the chat solution for the in-house “Infonet” (Intranet) and thus ensure the necessary means for simple communication options in groups…and do so in a secure environment.

Enterprise search – redefined

Grape search helps you to access all information in the company lightning-fast. Search through documents, deadlines, files, contacts and more. Grape also allows you to retrieve information from external sources such as Wikipedia, Stackoverflow and Giphy.

Grape at TELE – the future of communication

In-house email communication is demonstrably costing TELE time and energy, which could be made better use of. With GRAPE, we are increasing in-house efficiency by bringing together team collaboration and business processes in a familiar environment.

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