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Dignit – Markus & Richard

Digital Transformation Consulting

Dignit – Markus & Richard

Dignit supports TELE on its way to digital transformation. For example the two consultants deal with the cloud (using software and IT infrastructure instead of buying), mobile (comprehensive availability of mobile devices and high data transmission rates), sensors, social and analytics (of data).

Furthermore they are specialized in robotics, virtual and augmented reality, artificial intelligence, digital biology and 3D printing. As Consultants they help to integrate these technologies into strategy, structure, culture and processes of a company.

Mag. Markus Heingärtner

Digital native immigrant. Started his own eigenes sharing economy startup usetwice and worked as a director for the corporate startup (a product of the “Neue Zürcher Zeitung AG”). With his current start up dignit consulting he supports companies to develop their potential in the field of digital technologies.

Telefon: +436649682070

Mag. Richard Hübner

Digital Facilitator. Organisation development consultant for big development projects of industry, banking, public administration and health care for 12 years. Responsible manager in an international technology group for 10 years. Founder and director of dignit consulting – technology-human-organization – a start up with focus on digital technologies.

Telefon: +436642822841

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