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apertus° open source cinema

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apertus° open source cinema

With AXIOM, apertus° developed the world's first open hardware / free software digital cinema film production camera for professional applications. The focus is on modularity and open access, so that everyone can study, understand, alter, and expand the technology.
Thomas and his company Jaunatronic e.U. are involved as a partner with TELE at Factory Hub Vienna. Through this, Thomas provides users of the Hub with his knowledge for the production of electronics and more. In addition, he also accompanies the further development of internal production. Before starting this with us, he was solely responsible for this.
In his other professional activities, Thomas is always in the process of creating new ideas and getting projects up and running in his small workshop. A small branch of his business is the sale and manufacture of plastic and aluminum housings. Besides this, he is always looking for opportunities to meet new people and be introduced to new topics.
His passion is to pursue ideas and products and help people to grow them.

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