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We take responsibility seriously and create space for new ideas. Join us on our way to becoming the "company of the future"!

New ways create space for innovation

At TELE in Vienna, we develop and produce clever technology solutions together. We like to take other paths on our way to “the company of the future”. This creates space for ideas and gives uns the flexibility to develop innovations for a rapidly changing society.

Innovation + Sustainability = Profitability

What we do

With solid engineering know-how, TELE develops and produces smart technology for a better world. We try out ideas and break new ground on our way to “the company of the future”.

Exciting projects that broaden our horizon

We are simply open and love to cooperate. Therefore we operate an inhouse start up hub and started building a community for “New Work” topics. Take a closer look at the Factory Hub Vienna and the Organization Playground.

Our roots

We are the Austrian specialists for time and monitoring relays and have been developing components and customized solutions for more than five decades. TELE relays bear a lot of responsibility. They work reliably in transformer stations, control cabinets and industrial plants and are part of renewable energy production in wind, water and solar power plants.

TELE History

TELE History


We like to share exciting ideas. See here how Companies and organizations, educational institutions, media and startups work together at TELE.


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