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We prefer to buy from companies we trust. That’s why TELE has created a virtual company tour – fully in line with all aspects of the “Simply Open” concept. You can now get an impression of our premises 24 hours a day, from office to production area.

A camera with several lenses and infrared sensors ensures brilliant 3D spatial recognition. So the interactive tour feels like you’re actually here on our premises. Best of all: You can view the 3D tour in high quality on all terminal devices. Install the dedicated app and you can even enjoy the virtual tour with a VR headset.

We will add further information such as videos and links to the tour at a later date to make the interactive feeling even more perfect.


A couple of tips:

  • When you click on the icon of the little 3D house at the bottom left of the tour, you will see a perfect 3D view of the entire TELE building from a bird’s-eye perspective.
  •  Use the arrow symbol on the bottom edge to view the directory of important individual spots at TELE and jump straight to them.



Our virtual 3D tour

A few hard facts about the technology:

  • TELE headquarters in 1230 Vienna: office, production, Factory Hub Vienna
  • 310 recording points (min. 6 images are taken per recording)
  • Duration of rendering: approx. 30 hours
  • 243 points have been integrated into the current model.
  • Around 3,200 m2 of the TELE building were scanned.


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